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5 Quick Tips: How To Care For Your Microbladed Eyebrows

So, you have taken the plunge and finally received the gorgeous, beautiful, eyebrows you have always wanted. Now that you are turning heads in all the right ways it is time to keep those lush, perfectly shaped brows in tip-top shape. Here are a few tips from the microblading professionals at Elpis Beauty Inc.

1. Keep Your Eyebrows Totally Clean For The First 7 Days

Right after you have your microblading procedure complete, the first seven days of care are critically important for the success and health of your eyebrows. To ensure a great appearance that lasts a long time be sure to not let any makeup, soap, water or lotion touch your eyebrows for the first seven days. During the first week, it is also advised that you avoid extra sweating (such as from exercising), swimming, and needlessly touching the eyebrow area. This includes washing your face carefully to avoid contact with your eyebrows. This step will help your new and gorgeous microbladed eyebrows heal much faster.

2. Ointment Is Your Friend: Use A Lot Of It On Your Eyebrows

In order to minimize scabbing and be sure to have a quick and successful heal of your new microbladed eyebrows it is recommended to use lots of ointment on the microbladed areas. In order to prevent infection, it is best to use an antibiotic ointment, which luckily there are many brands over the counter that you can use. Having a hard time choosing the right ointment to buy? Call us at Elpis Beauty Inc. and we can guide you to the right choice!

3. Keep Your Microbladed Eyebrows Cool and Clean

After the first seven days, post-microblading procedure, it is important to keep your eyebrows cool, clean and hydrated. One way to do this is to apply a cold press to the eyebrow area once or twice a day. Be sure that the cold compress is not wet, just cold (such as from putting a cloth in the refrigerator.) This will especially help if you are still experiencing any redness or flaking in the eyebrow area.

4. Use Sun Screen on Your Eyebrows

To keep that excellent shape and sheen on your microbladed eyebrows be sure to use sunscreen once they have completely healed. Using a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 to 50, be sure to apply a good layer when going outside where you will be exposed to the sun. Otherwise, prolonged sun exposure could cause the color pigment of your eyebrows to fade away faster than if they were protected. This is especially key for our local clients in sunny Southern California.

5. Avoid These Things For Long-term Maintenance Of Your Microbladed Eyebrows

After about two weeks, you can resume your normal lifestyle, however there are a few things you should avoid to make sure you get the most out of the procedure. Avoid any laser or chemical peels, and forms of exfoliation. Creams containing retinol or glycolic acid are also not safe to use until after the completion of your microblading touch-up appointment. Always consult a microblading expert for the best advice, such as the SoCal eyebrow pros at Elpis Beauty Inc.

If you’d like to make an appointment for any of our services which include Lash Extensions, Lash Lift, Lip Tinting, Lip Color/Lip Liner, Eyeliner Tattooing and more, or have general questions about our services, please give us a call!

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