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5 Major Benefits To Microblading Your Eyebrows

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

You may have heard about permanent makeup (also known as microblading your eyebrows) and not so sure if the procedure is right for you. We are here to say that if you are looking for fuller, more natural looking eyebrows than the answer is a resounding yes. What exactly is this exciting microblading technique that everyone has been talking about? Think of it as a semi-permanent tattoo that lightly imprints pigment on the epidermis without penetrating the skin using light strokes. Women across Southern California are lining up to get their eyebrows microbladed by expert professionals like those at Elpis Beauty Inc. in Buena Park, CA. Here are just five of the many, major benefits to microblading your eyebrows.

1. No More Plucking and Tweezing

Instead of the aggravating daily routine of plucking, tweezing and applying makeup to craft your eyebrows, you will be able to wake up with your eyebrows ready to go. The whole point of microblading is to have dazzling, gorgeous, hassle-free eyebrows that are ready to wow everyone at work, and in your social life.

2. The Color and The Shape You Want

One of the best benefits of microblading your eyebrows is that an expert professional like those at Elpis Beauty Inc. will help you select the correct color and shape your eyebrows should be to best match your face. While a lot of people may go with a certain style of how they wear their makeup-up on a day to day basis, sometimes a professional can steer them in the right direction to optimize the best natural eyebrow look that will work best for their complexion and hair color.  This includes using a microblading ruler to measure your natural eyebrow length in order to craft the right size eyebrows that make you look your best.

3. Semi-Permanent Solution For Realistic Looking Hair

Microblading is a great technique for those of us who like to change our hairstyle but can’t make up our minds on big decisions. For starters, it is only semi-permanent, meaning this is NOT a tattoo. The color starts to fade after about 18-months. So, if you change your mind on how your eyebrows look, you are in the clear and can go with a different eyebrow shape for next time since the technique is not embedded in the deep layer of your skin.

4. Pain Free

Unlike permanent tattooing, microblading is pretty painless and starts with a quick and easy numbing process by applying an ointment to the eyebrow area to get you ready for the procedure. One review given of a microblading done at Elpis Beauty Inc. says, “The procedure was painless and she was so thorough and a perfectionist!” For people who have had negative experiences with more permanent tattoo procedures, feel certain you're in good hands with us.

5.  Money and Time Saving

Microblading is relatively cheap compared to other cosmetic procedures including eyebrow tattoos. And think of the money you'll save not having to buy cosmetics! It is also less time consuming compared to other microblading studios with the our procedure taking just a few hours. Good microblading experts like Elpis Beauty Inc. in Buena Park take their time so you leave the clinic looking and feeling great.

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