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Top 5 Eyebrow Trends of 2019

Whether you’ve had your eyebrows microbladed before in the past or whether you are you’re going to take the leap for the first time (you totally should btw, it’ll save you so much makeup-time in the morning!), the universal question you’ll ask yourself is what your eyebrows should look like. It’s true, we can make your eyebrows look natural, healthy and balanced but they can also look fashionable depending on the design you’re wanting to achieve. That’s why seeing the below eyebrow trends for 2019 might help you decide with a little guidance from the professionals at Elpis Beauty Inc.

High and Bright Eyebrows

The idea is to accentuate your brow by adding the illusion of light with makeup, emphasizing their shape. Make sure you blend your makeup for a more natural appearance.

Straight Tails

By giving your brows the straight tails look, it overall gives your face a lift (cheaper and healthier than a facelift, that’s for sure!) The illusion gives the viewer the suggestion to look up and out toward your temples, resulting in a much younger appearance. Starbucks drink not included!

Soft Arches

Soft arches are the biggest trend in 2019. No harsh lines, and no sharp angles. Gentler curves for a gentler touch while also making a bold statement. With this style especially, it’s perfect to accentuate your new eyebrows with makeup, as you can see in the other trend examples above and below, which Elpis can also help you with. Accentuating your beauty is what we do best, every step of the way.

Feathered Texture

Lush. Texture. Size. This style works with any type of eyebrow. To create the look, brush your brows up and outward toward the temples to gain that feathered, textured look. If your brows are to be microbladed, your artist can achieve that natural texture for you.

Au Naturale

When in doubt, the low maintenance look is also a perfect fashion statement. In 2019, you don’t have to go all out when creating the perfect eyebrows, with the perfect arch or perfect volume. Sometimes, what you’re born with is fire enough. All that counts in the end is you wear your look with confidence.

The idea of microbladed eyebrows has had a negative stigma in the past, but over recent years has become widely accepted not only for its convenience but artistry for creating the perfect, natural-looking eyebrows (which is no easy feat!). Of course, microblading shouldn’t be confused with permanent tattooing because microblading is created by hand, building the realism of individual hairs with each individual stroke. Permanent makeup artists use a machine, removing that artist element from the procedure, which is why we urge clients to use microblading, simply for better more realistic results. However, seeing photos of these various eyebrow trends can merely spark some ideas and get the creative juices flowing, but don’t feel like you have to make this type of important decision all on your own. Visit Elpis Beauty Inc. and speak with one of our licensed team members to better understand which eyebrow trend and type would best suit your face and shape.

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